HOUSTON: 3311 Richmond Ave., Suite 307 • Houston, TX 77098 • 713-526-6674 ♦ CLEAR LAKE: 18083 Upper Bay Road • Nassau Bay, TX 77058 • 281-333-1646


A sacred oasis from the busyness of the everyday
Houston Studio Parking
and Building Entry

The Houston Studio is located on Richmond at Audley, which runs between the Velvet Melvin and BB’s Cafe. Park on the second level, turning right off of Audley onto the up ramp. Enter through the second floor rear entrance and take the stairwell or elevator to the third floor. Go left down the hallway to Suite 307.

If the main studio door is locked and you are early for class (and don't know the code for the door), please wait quietly in the hallway, someone will be there to let you in before your class. If you are late for your class, go around to the back door (next to the stairwell). Slip off your shoes and enter the studio quietly (as your class is in progress) and find your place and enjoy!