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A sacred oasis from the busyness of the everyday
The Yoga Institute and Bookshop was founded March 1, 1974 by Lex Gillan. It is one of the oldest, largest, living yoga studios in the country today.
Prior to the incoming “box stores,” we were the only yoga studio in the city with an extensive selection of books, tapes, props and accoutrements for yoga, meditation and spiritual studies and hope to (someday soon) reincarnate our retail store.
Over the many years, Yoga Institute has offered thousands of classes, teacher trainings, workshops and retreats; and has hosted events with many renowned teachers such as: Swami Kriyananda , Stephen Levine, Ram Dass, Lilias Folan, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Dhiravamsa , Andy Gold, Deepak Chopra, John Friend, Douglas Brooks, Judith Lasiter, David Swenson, Doug Swenson,  Mitchel Bleier – and artists: Krishna Das, Dave Stringer, Wah, Shantala – and more.
It was in the late 80’s when Raye Lynn Rath (the owner of The Yoga Institute studios) began studying with Lex Gillan at The Yoga Institute.  Lex offered a Teacher Training and Certification Course in 1993 and Raye Lynn was one of his first graduates.  In 1994, together, Raye Lynn and Lex opened the second Yoga Institute and Bookshop in Pasadena, Texas.  In 1996 Raye Lynn took over and moved the Pasadena studio to its beautiful Clear Lake location in Nassau Bay where it is located today.
In 1997, Raye Lynn took over the original Yoga Institute studio in Houston.  Raye Lynn maintained both studios, utilizing what she calls the “Lex method” until 2001 when she received her Anusara© Yoga Certification.  She met Anusara’s founder, John Friend in 1998 and fell in love with the spirit and practice of Anusara.  Once she received her certification she got permission to use the title, “A School of Anusara Yoga.”  This was a seamless and natural transition for The Yoga Institute as the enthusiasm for Anusara had grown and flourished – and a new incarnation of The Yoga Institute had begun.
Many “old timers” remember the sweet space of the original Yoga Institute studio with soft lighting and the Surya Namaskar mural that lined the walls of the studio.  In 2004 it was time for a change and the studio was expanded and totally renovated, bringing it from its original 1,750 square feet to a new and elegant 3,850 square feet space, equip with high ceilings and lots of natural light to complement the eloquent fixtures and hardwood floors.
In 2009, after the loss of her husband, Raye Lynn began the process of yet another incarnation of The Yoga Institute studios.  And in 2010, after many years of “modeling” the studios and offering classes in the, “Lex method” and then the “Anusara© method,” Raye Lynn knew it was time to recreate The Yoga Institute in her own way … a way that to her, honored all of her teachers and all of the teachings that had enriched, inspired and empowered her; that honored and included many styles, lineages and paths of yoga – and that honored and included her own unique journey and insight - and that of the wonderful teachers that taught and that would come to teach at The Yoga Institute.      
We’ve been making history at The Yoga Institute – co-participating in the lives of our great yoga community - for over 36 years and we are excited about the history we are making today.  Both of The Yoga Institute studios are infused with the life and energy from the many years and thousands of classes and practices that have taken place there and by each and every student and teacher that has ever walked through our doors.
We are so grateful,; honored and inspired by all of our many students and teachers – by all of you that have ever been, that are, and that will be – a part of the history that we continue to make together… today and everyday … tomorrow and every tomorrow … at The Yoga Institute.
Founder Lex Gillam
early 1970’s
Raye Lynn Rath
Owner of The
Yoga Insitute
Our History