CLASS SCHEDULE Established 1974

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What is Yoga?

Yoga is a 5,000 year old living tradition that combines physical and mental disciplines or practices, philosophy, spiritual studies, scriptures and precepts.  Through its many paths and forms, yoga leads us to discover and explore our very Self and what we call life.  

The meaning of yoga - often translated as “union” - is really about relationship; the relationship we have with and between our Self, our body, mind, heart and spirit as well as our relationships with others, the world, nature, everything – and all that is.

As a practice, yoga offers us specific processes to awaken and cultivate consciousness in all the ways that we are; in the movements of our body, the thoughts in our mind and the emotions we experience in our hearts - and even in our connection and participation with our own source and the divine.

On every level and in so many ways; the yoga invites us in - and seeks to engage us in life and in all the ways in which we live.